Client Conversations
Purposeful Network Development

How to have purposeful client conversations. 



60 Minutes




$ 125.00

What will be covered in this workshop

Purposeful Network Development

This session is all about who you are conversing with to make greatest impact with purpose.
This session will move past vanity metrics such as social media followers and LinkedIn connections. We will explore just who you should be speaking to in order to make greatest impact in your role or your practice.
This session is a good starter session to assess who to prioritise having that next conversation with! 
We will look at:
  • Where your revenue or practice growth comes from.
  • Where you have strength of relationships and where you have gaps in your purposeful network map.
  • We will consider the importance of Rapport | Reciprocity | Trust.
  • We will talk about the key drivers to clients considering you and then purchasing your services.
  • We will then explore what this looks like in the conversation and follow up framework.

The objectives/outcomes of this workshop include:
  • An understanding of each individual's network map and where their focus on purposeful engagement should lie for their role and practice.
  • An understanding of the buyer cycle and the psychology behind professional services purchases.
  • An appreciation of the importance of trust and how to develop trusted relationships that will stand the test of time.

Kim Wiegand

beaton Research & Consulting
Kim Wiegand brings 20 years’ experience within the professional services industry, managing marketing and business development teams and stakeholders across Australia, Asia and the United Kingdom. She brings a practical approach to driving purposeful change within organisations, with energy and enthusiasm.  

Kim works with firms’ leadership and clients and markets teams to implement projects improving client experience (CX), growing revenue streams, developing networks, and having valuable client conversations. She coaches partners and senior leaders on individual practice and skill development, leading to practice growth.  

Kim is a passionate gender equality advocate and aspires to support women to successfully lead authentic and sustainable careers.

Course reviews

The BBH workshop series are extremely valuable and exactly what all professionals need to build a business.
Walter White
Senior Associate - International Law Firm 
Great content, easy to follow and fun to do and I will definitely come back to the platform for more workshops. 
Emily Winters
Trainee - International Law Firm