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A career-changing platform to help successfully build and develop your practice 

Look beyond the billable hour and learn how you can be in control of growing your practice in a strategic and sustainable way.

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class business experts 

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Practical course material included 

Only max 60 minutes per workshop

Here for you...

There are so many expectations; you have to focus on your billable hours, improve on your technical skills, build a book of work, be a team player, a rainmaker…how do you do all that?
We are here to help! One platform with lots of high-quality valuable content to help you with anything beyond billable hours; what’s in the name?!
The courses don’t come for free and that is because we want to encourage you to take business development seriously. Just as you would invest in a personal trainer, in a career coach, a mental coach, etc.; invest in yourself and explore the business side of your profession. You can always ask your employer to pay for the courses, but we would challenge you to be in charge of your own career and take the financial responsibility as well. It will pay off!

Whether you have just started your career or are on track for partnership, if you want to make it to the top in the professional services industry you need to build a practice, attract new clients and understand the commercial side of the business. Building a practice doesn’t happen overnight so better start now!

Business professionals with a proven track record of working for large professional services firms offer their knowledge on our platform. Most sessions are on demand so you can join the workshops when it is most convenient for you.

Our students love our workshops

There is so much content available on the internet these days and I am so happy that Beyond Billable Hours provides relevant content to professionals like me. I also found the content very useful.

Anna Dringer 
Senior associate (Int. Law Firm) 
Beyond Billable Hours is a fantastic platform, very easy to use, great and relevant content. It will definitely help in taking the next steps in my career.

Josh Stobbard
Junior associate (Int. Law Firm) 
I have immediately started applying some of the techniques taught in the workshop series in my day to day and it pays off! The content is spot on and exactly what was missing in this industry. 

Marcus Lingen
Associate (Consultancy Firm)

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