What a difference (just) five minutes a day makes

Let’s assume you currently don’t do any business development because you are too busy with fee earning work. There is nothing to say for a heavy workload, in fact, it is really good because you are busy doing fee earning work which means that the fees come in. However; you do need to be prepared for the future and for when you are less busy, so that you can get more work in. 

Business development is about developing business (what’s in the name) but it does require some action from your side. I know that it isn’t your key priority to schedule meetings with potential clients or to go to this networking event while you can barely manage to eat because you are under so much pressure, yet you need to see the benefit of doing a little bit every day.

Even if that little bit means looking at your LinkedIn, share your firm’s updates, start an article you would like to publish, speak to your colleagues about potential business opportunities, have a chat with your business development and marketing team, etc. You will see that even five minutes a day will make a huge difference in a month. That is 25 minutes in a week (based on a 5-day working week) and about 100 minutes in a month. You could watch a movie in that time, finish two spinning classes or have dinner with a friend.

Set aside five minutes every day, to log your data into your firm’s CRM system (should you have one), contribute to writing articles (five minutes a day should surely get you a full article at the end of the month) or get involved in any other business development activity. It will pay off. This five-minute a day concept is a strategy that can be part of your personal plan and you should think about adopting this in your daily routine. Set reminders in your Outlook, ask your secretary to remind you of your five-minute a day business development routine and get started, no more excuses.

When people tell me they don’t have time, I always like to challenge them. Not to be mean, but to help them because at the end of the day, it really is for your benefit. You have time to get a cup of coffee or tea, speak to your co-worker and even more interestingly, most will find time to complain about not having time. How ironic (!). My advice is to decrease your caffeine intake, stop complaining and instead spend five minutes of your day on your business development tasks. I would be very happy to see the results!

Tips for the day:

  • Spend (at least) five minutes every day on any sort of business development activity; 
  • Even if you are super-duper busy;
  • Set reminders in your Outlook calendar;
  • Let your secretary/PA remind you; and
  • Reduce your caffeine intake and replace with five minutes for business development. 

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  1. Scot Hamton says:

    Thank you for this Blog – 5 minutes a day makes really a difference


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