BBH - Workshop 2 
Understanding your SWOT

What does your market look like, who are your competitors and what opportunities can you tap into? This workshop will guide you through your SWOT analysis.



60 Minutes




$ 125.00

What will be covered in this workshop

Understanding your SWOT

A SWOT analysis is a great tool to analyse your internal as well as your external environment and this is crucial to understand how your market operates but also to know what you have got to work with: your strengths and weaknesses.
The objectives of this workshop include:

  • Understand what your strengths are
  • Understand what your weaknesses are and how to improve these
  • Identify market opportunities and how to use them to grow your practice
  • Identify market treats and how to overcome these should they form obstacles to your business.
  • Understand which areas to focus on to increase business opportunities

Barbara Koenen-Geerdink

BD and Marketing Director 
Al Tamimi & Company 
Barbara is the author of the business book Beyond Billable Hours -
a practical guide for professionals in the professional services sector. 
Barbara has over a decade of experience in the professional services industry and throughout her career she worked for large to mid-size international law firms as well as local firms. 

Course reviews

The BBH workshop series are extremely valuable and exactly what all professionals need to build a business.
Walter White
Senior Associate - International Law Firm 
Great content, easy to follow and fun to do and I will definitely come back to the platform for more workshops. 
Emily Winters
Trainee - International Law Firm