The benefits of education
are clear...

"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the
world" - Nelson Mandela 
If you would like to educate your fee earning employees to make
the most of their time beyond billable hours, build a practice and therefore grow the revenues of the firm, no problem; we can help!

Choose your plan

We are pleased to offer reduced rates if you buy in bulk. We like transparency and therefore provide our employer rates below. There are two options:  
1. Standard - You get access codes for the employees you would like to enroll to a specific course; or
2. Advanced - We can tailor the platform to include your firm’s name, a welcome message and tailor the content to your needs.  
The process to enroll your employees to our courses in the employer programme is simple: drop us an email at and we will get in touch shortly.


Access codes

10 access codes $ 3,950
20 access codes $ 7,500
50 access codes $ 17,500
100 access codes $ 32,500
150 access codes $ 45,000
200 access codes $ 55,000


Tailor-made online
learning platform

Unlimited users: $ 120,000  per year